The inflation-proof stablecoin

Nuon is a family of inflation-protected coins that deliver
consistent purchasing power by adjusting for actual inflation
every single day.

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Nuon is powered by Truflation

Nuon adjusts for inflation rate using an independent and unbiased on-chain index.
Truflation remasters the official government inflation metrics and provides more accurate and frequent data on Chainlink.


& Unbiased CPI

Nuon was built on the Truflation Index, an independent inflation oracle based on real market data that's more current, frequent, and higher than the official CPI.


Nuon holders don't need to do anything to claim their inflation adjustment. Nuon is automatically corrected for inflation on a daily basis (~12% for the USD).


The protocol holds more collateral than the nominal value behind the stablecoin and keeps the peg stable using a dynamic arbitrage mechanism.


Nuon's flatcoin is the cutting-edge solution optimized for the price flatness of an on-chain basket of goods, keeping your purchasing power intact worldwide.

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Leading the world towards a global flatcoin.

Crypto and web3 are pushing us towards a world of network nations. So why would the money of the metaverse be built around the nations of yesterday?

Nuon is building an inflation-proof economy. At its foundation is a global flatcoin pegged to a basket of inflations, maintaining its purchasing power worldwide.

Where does the inflation value come from?

Nuon employs a well-tested borrowing protocols design and over-collateralization to keep all extra value in the system fully backed, either through adding more collateral or lowering the total supply of Nuon. Read our whitepaper, for more details.

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Nuon uses proven stablecoin design:
Collateralization and Arbitrage.

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The Team

Nuon's core team brings 40+ years of combined crypto experience

Solidity Lead

Steven Briand

Senior Front-End Developer

Kyle Williams

UX Architect


Solidity Developer

Andy Lee

Solidity Developer

Chris Yon

Front-End Developer

Ayudh Sharma

Front-End Developer

Michael Lim

Experience inflation-proof peer-to-peer cash

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