Nuon is the first independent, overcollateralized and decentralized flatcoin pegged to the value of unbiased inflation, protecting purchasing power.

Better Money

Overcollateralized by crypto

Nuon holds more crypto collateral than the nominal value of all minted flatcoins at all times.

Decentralized & Censorship-Resistant

Centralized stablecoins bear counterparty and censorship risks. Regulation will enforce KYC/AML, catalyzing the demand for decentralized money. Nuon is transparent and non-custodial.

Safe, Secure and Insured

Nuon is double-audited and features collateral deposit insurance from three major insurance providers in the space. The most secure protocol for your money.

Quadruple Redundancy Peg Stability

The Nuon protocol incentivises users to mint or burn Nuon; overcollateralization protects the protocol; liquidity pool protects the price and the peg; arbitrage accelerates the repeg

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Nuon is not pegged to any Fiat

Nuon is not impacted by regulation or inflation depreciation that affect Fiat and stablecoins pegged to Fiat (99% of existing stablecoins).

Although it is overcollateralized, Nuon is extremely capital efficient

Nuon enables accelerated over-leveraging in protocols that results in higher yields while retaining purchasing power.

A feature-rich flatcoin

Nuon sources daily inflation data from the Truflation oracle

Census level inflation data, daily.

Utilization of +40 data sources covering +18M items.

Delivers the transparent truth.

Unbiased, real-time and on-chain.

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The Team

Nuon's core team brings 40+ years of combined crypto experience

Solidity Lead

Steven Briand

Senior Front-End Developer

Kyle Williams

Front-End Developer

Michael Lim

Front-End Developer

Ayudh Sharma

Content Manager

Dean Baker

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